While you may be struggling with the many number of insects and pests that are swarming around your house, it is high time that you stand up and take action for it. Although they may be a part of the nature, you cannot allow them inside your house to destroy your possessions and spread diseases. It simply cannot be tolerated at a stage like this where the spread of diseases are at a higher rate due to the environmental pollution as well. Therefore, you need to take prompt action in implementing effective pest control methods to your house and garden, in order to overcome this challenge. Following are some of the safest methods that you can use for this purpose.


 Making various types of sprays is one of the options that you have in order to get rid of the insects that constantly bother you. The benefit of these sprays is that you can make them using natural ingredients and therefore will be chemical free. You will not have to fear of the family members being harmed due to the used chemicals as the natural spray will not affect them. For instance, you can simple make a spray can of soap water to use on ants that constantly trouble you.


 Although you may not find this to be that effective by the sound of it, it truly is. This is one of the underrated methods of pest control known to the human race. It may not be a reputable mosquito control in Singapore, but it most definitely can destroy some of the pests and insects that constantly dust your house. Microscopic dust mites are a type of pests that will constantly be on your pillows, beds and what not. Therefore, vacuuming is the best option for you in this case.

 Diatomaceous earth

What is diatomaceous earth? This term might not be a very familiar one to your ears, but it is considered as an effective and natural pest control method that is not harm to humans. This one of the methods used on cockroaches that constantly bug you by hiding inside your cabinets and pantries. As this is a safe method, you can simply sprinkle them along the places that you think they will go to and you have your natural termite control method in action.


 Another natural method by which you can get rid of the pest problem in your house is by using catnip. What is catnip? Nepetalactone is the ingredient that is naturally present in catnip and is one of the best repellents that can be used for your cockroach troubles.

So why not go ahead and use these methods and rid your house of the never ending pest problem?