Are you interested to know about the many types of hearing loss? This article aims to discuss about the major types of hearing impairment.
Types of hearing loss Auditory processing disorders – The disorders of auditory processing can take place whenever the brain has difficulties to process the information that is contained in sound, like the understanding of speech and to figure out the source of the coming sounds. Conductive hearing loss – Conductive hearing loss can happen either by any disease or by any condition that obstructs the transportation of sound in the mechanical form from the middle ear to the inner ear. This type of hearing loss can happen due to earwax, infections in your ear, build-up of fluid or the formation of an abnormal bone in the ear known as Otosclerosis. It is a common problem especially in children and indigenous people. When the physical features of sound, known as intensity (loudness), reduces in a person’s ear, the energy that reaches the inner ear is low as compared to the original stimulus. So, extra amount of energy is required for the person who is suffering from this kind of hearing loss, for hearing sound. If you are interested about hearing loss centre you can visit this site
The reason behind conductive hearing loss can be recognized and treated in a proper manner in a hearing impairment centre in Singapore. And this treatment results in either partial or complete betterment in hearing. Moreover, after the treatment, an individual will still need hearing aids for hearing sounds in a better way. Surgery can be done for improving this difficulty.

Other technologies are beneficial for solving conductive hearing loss, like Implants for middle ear, hearing aids for both bone anchored and bone conduction. Visiting the right hearing impairment centre will help you a lot to get the right treatment. Sensorineural hearing loss – The word ‘sensorineural’ can be broken into two words- such as sensory and neural. This breaking up of the word will give a bird’s eye view of the hearing problem to each and everyone. The correct supplemental tests and complete audiometric assessment are able to provide significant information to make the difference between a neural and sensory hearing loss. However, both the sensory and neural hearing loss can occur in one ear. The other name of neural hearing loss is retrocochlear hearing loss. Actually, sensorineural hearing loss occur because of the improper functioning of the auditory nerve or inner ear. This kind of hearing issue may be genetic or it can happen due to accidents, aging, and diseases and so on. Mixed hearing loss – This form of hearing loss happens whenever there is a presence of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. The conductive component can be treated and it could be solved, however the sensorineural hearing loss is expected to remain permanent.