If there is one thing that a lot of ex-students can vouch for, it’s the fact there is nothing like living the student life. The experience that one gains at school or university is like no other. If you have just graduated from school and about to start your first year at university, here are the top 4 experiences you don’t want to miss out on.

Chill sessions

Although the student life is bound to take a toll on you at one point, there is no harm in letting go a little from time to time. The late night study sessions with friends over cups of dark coffee while stressing out about the exam next day is one experience you don’t want to miss. In addition, the parties, sleepovers and outings with friends after you’ve completed your submissions or to celebrate your results, is an experience to indulge in. So don’t let your tight study schedule, make you miss out on these fun experiences.

University events

Being a student, you will get several opportunities to participate in social events such as carnivals and fresher’s party. Take use of these chances and get involved in them attending or even organizing such events. You could use several event marketing in Singapore strategies that would allow you to interact with students from various batches and help you get insight into different areas of study that would allow you to broaden your horizons for the future.


This is a time in your life where you will gain a lot of exposure and probably acquire a whole new perspective in life. If you have moved to another country to study, take this chance to travel whenever you can and explore places like never before. You could either go on a solo trip or with a bunch of friends to accompany you.


There is more to life at university other than just hanging out with your roommates. Most campuses usually consist of a variety of societies with each offering a unique experience. So, find out what you love to do and join any of these clubs if you want to meet people with similar interests as you. It could either be something like organizing corporate events by joining the organizing committee or you could join arts, drama, music, baking or any group of your choice.

You will rarely get the opportunity to experience anything like the student life ever again. These days will surely be missed once you get a job or start working full time on a daily basis. So make use of this time and live it to the fullest instead of complaining about how tough life as a student is.