Every time he made getting off the bed in the morning a complete hell, this is what I chanted to myself. I may now be a single mom somewhat struggling to make ends meet but now there is a bounce in my steps as I walk through the door to work. Never be afraid to start over, it is the chance to build your life the way you wanted it all along.  I wouldn’t say I’m happy, but at peace, definitely.

It is said that the initial stages of a separation and divorce are commonly the most demanding, and clear-headed decision-making often is overlooked in a haste to get it all over with. Therefore, many people end up with an inefficient lawyer. If your marriage has any complicated circumstances such as you having similar commercial interests or having joint ownership of assets etc. it is advisable to approach the best divorce lawyer who has appeared for similar scenarios.

Divorce should never be the first choice when there are fights disagreements and arguments. Commonly the only thing keeping a ‘bad’ marriage from being ‘good’ is when both parties are consistently making a genuine effort. It will never be a well-lit walk through a park as it is an institution built on two entirely different people and is naturally prone to ups and downs. That being said, there are times that divorce is the dead-on choice to take in order to let both spouses grow and attain the life they wish, and in some circumstances, the life they are worthy of.

A good divorce lawyer will not be found just right across the building, if you are to make the best of a worst situation it is vital that you approach a good divorce lawyer Singapore who is both professional, updated on all the new developments of the specific subject matter and of course remain compassionate, thereby giving you the winning edge of the verdicts to be made. A divorce carries extensive consequences for both husband and wife, therefore in order to ensure that a fair and equitable outcome is arrived at, a good lawyer is a worthy investment.

Knowledge is power they say and by knowing the most vital points that is included in the womens  charter I believe I had a stronger case against my partner. Because of the womens charter I did not have to blindly follow my counsellor or be confused by what my friends had to say. I have exclusive parenting privileges to my sons who would if not have to be co parented between my former partner and me, and for that I am ever thankful!