Meetings are an important way of communication for any organization and often this is where the top management would brainstorm and come up with new, competitive business strategies to realize the organizational objectives. However, as a meeting requires the commitment of time, money and effort of many, a poorly planned meeting will be an unproductive activity. This is why as a businessman must learn the art of holding an effective meeting which will have the best possible impact on the organization. Below are a few tips to help you hold a successful meeting for the betterment of your organization.

 Decide if it’s really needed

Determine the purpose of the meeting. If the same purpose can be fulfilled by a cheaper, less time consuming method which requires lesser effort, there might not even be a need to hold the meeting. Certain directors will have to drive or fly several miles to be present at the meeting and this commitment would require the allocation of a lot of resources. Therefore, if it’s possible to achieve the objective through video conferencing, emails, memos or any other such method, it’s always better to go with that.

The right location

This is one of the most important aspects to a meeting because the right atmosphere is a must for individuals to engage in effective communication. If it is possible to hold the assembly at the organizational premises itself, opt for that because this is by far the most cost effective way to go. However, if it’s inconvenient for the invitees to make it to your company, it would be wise to select a location that is more convenient for them. A serviced office Malaysia is a fully furnished, state of the art office space which you can acquire for your specific conference requirement in the desired country.

The right setup

Make sure the location is fully equipped with all that you need to impress your clients, coworkers or investors such as overhead projectors, projector replacement lamps, an interactive whiteboard, microphones and speakers and suitable refreshments.

Create an agenda

Formulate an interactive agenda in the form of questions rather than in bullet form. This way the participants will be able to get involved in the meeting in a more productive manner and innovative, out of the box thinking will be stimulated. The agenda must be circulated to all attendees at least 24 hours before the so that they will have an idea regarding the objective of the meeting and what the outcome must be.

Set a finish time

While it is important to make the best of the assembly, it is important to conclude it by a pre-determined time so that you can make sure the meeting doesn’t go on endlessly which will frustrate the attendees. Also, when they know when the meeting is going to finish, they will utilize the time in an effective manner and productively cover the areas of concern.