Even when you are a vehicle owner sometimes you have to spend days without your vehicle. This can happen when your vehicle has some serious problems that need to be solved by keeping it in a garage for some time. It can also happen when you have to lend your vehicle to one of the family members for an emergency. However, if you lose your vehicle during a time you need it the most you need to have a backup option.

The best backup option you can come up with is going for a certified short term car leasing in Singapore plan with one of the most reliable vehicle hiring companies. They can help you out with vehicles for personal use as well as commercial use.

For Personal UseFor personal use you will basically need a vehicle that can help you and your family travel from home to work or school or any other place you are supposed to travel. As long as you can have this substitute vehicle until your own vehicle returns home from the repair shop you will be fine. Sometimes, if you have contacted the right company to hire a vehicle you can even hire a driver with the vehicle if you feel like having someone to drive you around during that period would be more advantageous too. You can make arrangements with the company for such a plan. Since you will be hiring this vehicle and the driver, if you want to, only for a couple of days or maximum a week or two you will not have to worry about the expenses too as they are not going to be too costly for your pocket.

For Commercial UseYou also can go for a short term car rental for commercial use to if you ever get the need and have contacts with the right vehicle hire company. You see, sometimes, one of your business vehicles that goes on delivery could break down or you could need an extra vehicle for a temporary period. At such a moment, where are you going find a vehicle to match your need? You are certainly not going to buy one within such a short period. The best option is going with a vehicle hiring service and know the leasing procedures for vehicles that has a variety of commercial vehicles including panel vans to even trucks.

When you have the necessary connections with a reliable vehicle hiring service you never have to fear about not having a vehicle to replace your personal or commercial vehicle at a time of need.