Taking care of your body is important, specially when you are in pain. Because human body needs time and patience to recover. This is crucial when you have faced an injury. For instance, if you have sprained a muscle, you should not tire that particular muscle for some time, so that it can recover itself. But if you are an athlete or a player who has to play extreme sports, this option is not ideal. Because athletes face different kinds of injuries every day and they have to play even though they are badly hurt. Despite how severe the condition or pain is, players have to get back in their game within a limited amount of time. This has become a possibility thanks to various physical treatment methods. These methods are proven to be effective and almost all world class players have experienced trainers for this purpose. When it comes to these methods, there are few main types.

Hands on

This is the most common approach available. Also, this type of physio treatment Singapore has been there for centuries. Simply, this is the way of treating physical pain manually. This is, basically, the foundation of all other methods and most qualified trainers and therapists believe that this way is ideal for faster and better recovery. Hands on therapy mainly includes massaging certain muscles, compressing affected area and stretching muscles etc. These methods are scientifically proven to be effective and that is why you should give it a try if you are in pain.


Contrary to common belief, these methods involve certain drugs too. Sometimes players face sever accidents and injuries where they have multiple muscle sprains or multiple ligaments that are being torn. These conditions require additional attention and physical massages alone cannot help the patients. That is why doctors recommend ointments muscle relaxant drugs.

These additional help, together with compressing, massaging and stretching, can guarantee a faster recovery. Whether you use drugs or hands on care, you have to make sure that your trainer or the doctors that you are seeing are qualified enough to offer you sports physiotherapy. If they are qualified enough, you will have a quick recovery.

Finding a good doctor or a trainer in this field can be difficult. You can always look them up online and there are heaps of reliable website where you can find experienced trainers. Before making any decision, take a minute to look at their service history. A good trainer might not be cheap as you think. But its always worth the price to hire a good and experienced trainer.