As parent, while reading the above topic, you might have raised your eyebrows. For majorities, they wish to see their children thrive in academics. While this is true that it’s essential for their cognitive, mental and other growth areas, this isn’t the only avenue. Focusing on physical activities such as sports helps in strengthening these development areas further. Therefore, play and competitive games activities are included in curriculums or offered as extra activities in schools, colleges and so on. If you’re hesitant to push your child towards sports thinking that it’s not going to be of any use, think again.

Though various sports activities, children are able to develop strong mental growth. Moreover, it helps them develop a sense of esteem in themselves. As a fact, they are able to learn more, in exceptional cases, where the child displays certain delays in learning. For that matter, you could choose to enroll your child in sports club or association. Furthermore, you need to make sure that it’s in your child’s interest or else he or she wouldn’t give their best performance. Given the above, here are some sports you could enroll your child to:

• Basketball

Basketball, which was once famous and only played by boys, is not anymore a boy’s sport. In fact, this is a competitive team game that girls play as well. Therefore, you could enroll your child in this team sport to learn many life, team and individual lessons.

• Swimming

There are many watersports activities that you child could do, of which swimming is a common option. There are swimming schools that offer various training programs to individuals. Therefore, if you find that your child is fond of this sport, enroll them in a school today.

• Athletics

Furthermore, track events or sports have been conducted dating back to centuries back. In fact, there are various options such as running, hurdles and so on. Your child might be able to become a pro and participate in national or even international level competitions as well.

• Water polo

Another choice that your child might be interested is water polo. This is another fun packed, tiring and thrilling sport that is trained in swimming schools in Singapore. Hence, look for a professional school to enroll your child in this competitive team game.

• Tennis or badminton

Alternatively, tennis or badminton is another competitive game that requires a lot of stamina, focus and concentration. Your child would be physically active and more focused in other areas as well. Therefore, look for a program that is conducted in a school or enroll him or her at an association.

Physical activity is an essential part in a child’s life, as it supports the development of gross motor, proprioception and so on. Moreover, team sports allow children to learn about teamwork, leadership and other social and life skills. Therefore, break away from the strong academic mind and let your child perform well in sports as well.