If you are a professional working in the medical field and concerned about the way you approach your patient and their well-being or if you want to do more for them and the best you can, expand your horizons and make use of hypnotherapy.

Get Started

Adopting hypnotherapy into one’s field is not as difficult as you think it might be. However, in order to obtain such knowledge and qualification, you must possess thorough knowledge in a field related to medicine, be it dentistry, psychiatry or physiotherapy because hypnotherapy is utilized as a complementary treatment which goes alongside such treatments. This treatment method is used as a way to ease in other treatments to a patient or to find mind blocks which prevent patients from making any progress with their current treatments and to dissolve them.

Learn It, Use it

The only way you can incorporate hypnosis into your set of treatments is by learning it. There are many hypnotherapy classes carried out, which target professionals who seek more qualifications. In such classes you will be informed about the application of this treatment and how to make it an extension of your field of practice. This treatment usually focuses on finding the reasons behind long-term conditions and/or breaking down certain habits and the hypnotic state allows patients to be more open to discussion and suggestion thereby increasing the success rate of other treatments.

What Does It Involve?

Once you have stepped into the domain of hypnotherapy, the first thing you will be taught is how to guide/lead your patient to a state of deep relaxation, then access his/her unconscious mind to find the reasons for the problems caused and finally have a soothing discussion about it and suggest ways to tear out the root causes. This method involves quite a lot of relaxation techniques such as guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention. Hypnotherapy can be divide into two according to how it is utilized, (1) Suggestion therapy, (2) Analysis therapy, whilst replacing one’s negative thoughts with positive thoughts being the ultimate goal.

Change Lives!

As aforementioned, this treatment is a way to find solutions to long-term conditions and break down certain habits. Since this method comprises such a quality many practitioners of hypnotherapy use it as a form of quit smoking therapy in Singapore. Smoking is a troublemaker found in almost all of the fields of medicine. Dentists, psychiatrists and cancer treatment doctors all come across smoking and encourage their patients to refrain from it which is not an easy task. However, with the advent of hypnotherapy many professionals find it easy to help victims of the cigarette.

The reason for many sub-divisions to exist in hypnotherapy is that not everyone reacts to the same method. Also, researchers have found that one in four cannot be drawn into the influence hypnosis.